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We are The WWB, (.org, .net) A streaming Bluegrass internet-only station with offices in Newport, KY.
Our intentions at World Wide Bluegrass, are to promote and preserve the genre of Bluegrass music and the heritage of the Appalachian Mountain peoples, throughout the world, by promoting, and educating the general public in an entertaining format of Bluegrass music and to make them aware of the existence of Bluegrass music from all around the world.
This will be done through webcasting & streaming, live informational programs, festivals, concerts via our website and its live programming and streams.
We enjoy full Bluegrass Record Label support from all major and most small independent labels, with their artists' new releases, so our music is always cutting edge and yet honoring the traditions and pioneers, as well, at The WWB.
We rely on the financial support of the Bluegrass community including, listeners & sponsors, to offset website & station expenses.
We are currently operating with an all volunteer staff and wish to, apply to become a 501 (c)3 non-profit corporation.
Once funds are available for filing.
Our International World Wide Bluegrass staff consists of volunteer DJs who freely contribute their time to our programming and staff duties.
Our volunteer "Personalities" produce and host their own programs from their home studios and personal music libraries.
Our live programming is indeed "LIVE" and aside from the music itself, is not pre-recorded.
Due to the live nature of our broadcasts these programs are not available for re-broadcast.
We encourage any artist/band who has properly licensed and professionally recorded material to submit it to the WWB, for airplay consideration.
We are proud to be the first to play MANY artists, yet unknown to the Bluegrass community as a whole.
Contact Terry Poirier or Vicki Abbott for info.
Monetary gifts by Secure Paypal, Credit Card or E-Check by selecting the method on the left located on any page.
Monetary gifts by check or money order payable to : World Bluegrass, P.O. Box 117 Talking Rock, GA 30175.
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