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​This website is dedicated to the memory of Bill Monroe, Jimmy Martin, Carter Stanley,  Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs,  Dixie Hall, Geoff Morris and Rev. Carl Howard, Gracie Muldoon's "bluegrass daddy" who donated the first streaming WWB computer. There are many, many others which were artists, songwriters,  performers, writers, promoters and "lovers"  of this wonderful music, that no longer grace us with their presence. They will never be forgotten. 

Welcome to the "new", also known as The WWB!  

Founded in 2006 by Gracie Muldoon of Kentucky, and supported for eight years by the listening faithful!.  The streaming website's programs were hosted by ​volunteers from all over the world! Holland, USA, Germany, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand and England, with thousands of hours of dedication by many individuals, going into the project. The WWB is all about Bluegrass music education and entertainment.  The common go​al was to educate and promote the music and artists from all over the world which perform and compose, to a level, not reached by artists of many other genres. Bluegrass music,  it's artists, style, "stories" and resulting established industry, has significantly  increased in size by the efforts of  WWB volunteers! Working without any pay but propelled by the love for Bluegrass music, alone.  We promoted Bluegrass,  as it's own genre,  in it's own right. Connecting in the WWB free chatroom, many folks made new Bluegrass friends and important contacts!  Many online Bluegrass stations you see and hear, today, were birthed right here,  from this station, with their hosts and staff being trained by the faithful and hard working WWB Management volunteers.  The WWB takes great pride in the results!

We also want to salute other terrestrial stations, who, from the beginning, included Bluegrass programs,such as WAMU,  as well as Clyde Scott and, which streamed Bluegrass 24/7 for  a few years before began. Our fans and listeners, were our inspiration for our endeavors and the reason for our successes. The music of  professional and amateur or "indie" artists from local and worldwide regions was offered up by WWB hosts, for free listening and enjoyment, to all those who would take an interest in educating themselves about this music.  Many new bands, were first "heard" at the WWB.  More often, than not, the "indies" received a fair share of airplay and  exposure, which magnified their reputation, affording them bookings, in a festival or concert lineup. Bluegrass was growing faster than ever,  and, with some credit, to the hard work of the non-paid WWB volunteers.

 In the fall of 2014, the website shut down.  Many wrote and lamented the closing of the site, so much so, that with renewed hope and a different streaming platform, we've brought it back with good intentions of giving folks a place to hear nothing but great Bluegrass music, old and new,  to once again, win as many hearts and minds, sometimes one at a time, to this great music which we  "grassers"  all love!

The best in Bluegrass, back by popular demand, to take you back "home" again!

 The WWB Hall of Fame

Former Volunteers, Broadcasters & Staff::

Gracie Muldoon, Vickie Abbott, Terry Poirier,(Canada), Gary Reese (admin), Uncle Billy Dunbar, Bill Foster, Howard Perkins, Steve Bilbrey,Dana Allen, Arthur Zilkowsky (Nova Scotia),  Paul & Jonathan Estep, Jeff DeFord, Ken Hamilton,Charlie Hall, Gary Booher,  Eric Cole, Hans Wolters (Holland), Karina Col (Germany) Ted Hatfield, Jim Chatfield, Matthew Coleman, Jay Armsworthy, Debi and Ernie Evans, Ronnie Norton (Ireland), Hal Cottrell, Heather Mandich Carrigan (New Zealand), Poppy Tim Cahall, Tamara Becknell (admin) Mike Rule (Australia,technical)  Tim "Doc" Carter, Les Sears,  "River" Terri Powell, Becky Taylor, Lee Elliott and Moonbeam, Gary Williams, Jim Ellis, Julie Raye, Roger Randolph, Skip Ogden, Jean Johnson, Samantha Farnsworth (writer), Steve Martin, Stu Vincent,(England) William Gerringer, Carl Towns, Tyler Williams, Andy Hunt and saving our best for last mention, the late, beloved Geoff Morris (Australia),  our first international host, one of many. These are honorable mentions of folks that at some time, past or present, devoted their time, talents and efforts to the growth of our streaming site,  either as host, administration, writers and/or technical support.  ALL were volunteers and extremely appreciated.  Any names left off were unintentional.  Please contact to have your name added if you were on staff. The names were listed in no particular order,  but at recollection. 

We also want to thank our many fans and listeners for taking part in this Bluegrass experiment! They not only gave of their time , "favors" and encouragement, but also inspired us to hold on to this effort, when days were not so bright and sunny.  They, too, are responsible for the wonderful music you will experience streaming from this site.   You know who you are, and we will never forget how you touched our lives many times.  In the words, of our great, talented  friend, the late Mr.Geoff Morris,  "No worries! " .

The WWB - bringing it all back home!

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