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Advertising at World Wide Bluegrass *Note: All advertising must be approved.
Here at World Wide Bluegrass we offer two basic types of advertising.
Stream, Webcast, Radio advertising and Public Service Announcments or Website Banner Ads.
All advertising should relate to our site's theme, promotion of the bluegrass genre` and appalachian people.
Your advertising may not be accepted if it's inappropriate or is totally unrelated.
If you are unsure, please contact us for more information to
Online Payment types accepted at our PayPal account.
Check or Money Order payable to: World Bluegrass, P.O. Box 117 Talking Rock, GA 30175.(allow 6-8 weeks)
Include SASE and what the payment is for. After payment has cleared, we'll send you further information with instructions.

Stream, Webcast, Radio Broadcast Advertising and Public Service Announcments
If you desire broadcast or webcast advertising or public service announcments, please contact

Website Banner Advertising
We offer three types of website banner ads, CD-Project-Artist, Left Banner and Top Banner ads.
To place a banner ad, you must have your graphic(banner) ready(proper dimensions, filesize and format), prior to placing an ad.
If you need banner ad creation, try Sarah(not with the WWB).

Top Banner Ad - Has -1 ads placed, with 6 ad slots remaining for sale. 5 Top Banner ads maximum allowed for rotation.
Left Banner Ad - 1 placed with 4 available for sale. 5 Left Banner ads maximum allowed for rotation.
CD Banner Ads - There are 3 CD Ads displayed at once with 1 sold and 2 ads now available.
  • CD Ads are ALWAYS displayed(until expiration), however their position will vary in the 3 ad display order.
  • Expired CD Ads will be "recycled" randomly in any unsold CD ad slot, until all available CD ad slots are sold.
  • Featured equates to an ad that is currently sold, Stars, indicate a recycled ad where that ad spot is now avialable.
Featured Bluegrass Releases and Reviews
CD-Project-Artist SOLD Ad 1
Artist Title 1
Project Title 1

Featured Artist<--This Ad is Sold!
Artist/Group Title Sold Ad 2
Random Recycled Ad's Title
Recycled Ad's Project Title

CD Rated 4 Stars<--Ad Available!
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Random Recycled Ad's Title
Recycled Ad's Project Title

CD Rated 4 Stars<--Ad Available!
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