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Celebrating his 45th year in broadcasting, Jeff DeFord returns to WWB with his syndicated old-time music program, “Down To The Roots”, airing Fridays at 5:00 pm EST.
Jeff draws from his vast collection of vintage 78rpm records, archived radio transcriptions, live performances and other rarities to bring you songs and tunes from the earliest days of recorded music that range from the well-known to the obscure. These recordings laid the foundation for the music we know today as “Bluegrass”.
Check out his website at DeFordMedia.com and his “Down To The Roots” page on Facebook.

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Female Fiddler Becky Buller proclaiming her LUV for the WWB with her sidekick!  Becky's making Bluegrass History in the IBMA the last two years! 

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​Muldoon with the Blue Moon show, with host, Gracie Muldoon- Davis now has a new name for a new  year.  "GRACELAND"  Coming back on air in 2018,  tune in on Sunday night 7-9 PM Eastern and tell friends we're all  hanging out on Facebook during show with info regarding artists and  LIVE on air interviews!  Broadcasting Live from Hamilton,  Ohio!  Oh, by the way - Gracie is also the Founder of this marvelous Bluegrass Station! Back in 2005 !! Gracie Muldoon is also an Honorary Daughter of Bluegrass selected by the late Ms. Dixie Hall! 

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From Dublin, Ireland

returning to the WWB airwaves is much in demand Photographer, Former Folk Artist - Ronnie Norton and his "live" program Lonesome Highway!

 Tuesdays3-5 PM Eastern.

 Check out www.lonesomehighway.com which is Europes Top Roots Americana eZine!

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​​​The WWB! Bringin' It All Back Home!

Keep Independent Radio Alive.  Learn how you can help keep our music varied and playing the unheard but great bands and music.  Not everyone needs to spin top 40 only.  We bring all the great music we find to you:  

Learn more at http://www.radiodiversity.org

One new program  with Two new Celebrity Broadcasters coming to the WWB this year in February!  Deanie Richardson and Tina Adair ! 

Brand New  "Flashpoint Bluegrass Radio"  show  and host now broadcasting "Live"  from Tuscaloosa, Alabama  - DJ Jeff Miller.  Tune in Jeff on  Mondays 8-11 PM Est.  Jeff has already brought a lot of new listeners and sponsors to the WWB!  Join Jeff during the show in the FBR Chatroom here! 


A Note from Gracie Muldoon-Davis, Founder of the WWB

"We have added sponsors who help keep the music streaming to promote and educate the public about the established, as well as, the independent artists of Bluegrass music. We need more sponsors,  and listener friendly donations!  If you enjoy our station, won't you please consider a "love" offering through paypal,  or becoming one of our sponsors if you have a business to advertise? Many internet stations have closed this year, already!   We are experiencing new challenges in the rising costs of airplay during the new year.  We believe this is an effort to squeeze out the "little guy" from the big boys in the industry.  Help us stay "alive" and keep the Best, the Real, the Unheard music for the next generation!  You are a bigger deal than you realize, even if your gift is small.  Little is much....God bless you and God bless our Bluegrass Music! Learn more about radio freedom at http://www.radiodiversity.org

Thanks you for your support.  We're here to help the musicians of the world!"

All shows are posted in Eastern Time Zone  Click on hosts pic to visit their personal website.

Our newest Broadcaster at the WWB - is  Bob Mitchell.

Bob hails from Louisville Kentucky and his program is called " Best of Bluegrass" .  Bob has been a SPBGMA nominee for "Broadcaster of the Year" in 2017 & 2018!!!  Tune in on Fridays 3 PM immediately following Unreal Bluegrass with Steve Martin.

Bob features top Bluegrass music and interviews, and is excited to be part of the WWB Broadcasting crew!  Be sure to tune him in for great music and fun!  Welcome aboard Bob!

Returning to the WWB with his new syndicated show (not live) is Steve Martin and his show "Unreal Bluegrass" for Fridays at  12  Noon EST. 

 Guest interviews and great music are served up for your enjoyment! These shows are pre-recorded.

Congrats to Steve for being chosen for


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The Ole Hippie Bluegrass Show now airing with 

Jerry Eicher - now airing "live"  on Thursdays  7-9 PM !    Jerry hits the road at times with LIVE broadcasts from special events!  2016-17 saw him at Merlefest and at Carolina in the Falls festival!  Live music was heard during the broadcasts, too!

Returning to the WWB is popular veteran host,  Ken Hamilton, our live broadcaster from Arkansas USA ~

Ken's program "Natural State Bluegrass"  will be featured on Saturday mornings 10 AM - 1 PM. Check out his facebook page at www.facebook.com/naturalstatebluegrass.